Burris Oracle X, Sig Sauer BDX

Burris Oracle X Problems

For a few years, Oracle X has been the “go-to” rangefinding scope option for crossbows.

However, in the past 6 months, there have been 2 new product releases that, when combined, put the Oracle X scope to shame.

The most important was the release of the Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX 1-6X scope. The Sig has the following 15 advantages over the Oracle X:

– double the field of view (106 feet vs 47 feet)
– at 1X it can be used both eyes open like a red dot
– much longer battery life
– better glass
– more durable (aluminum tube vs plastic)
– less bulky
– more elevation and windage adjustment
– better ballistic calculator
– more flexible (usable on both rifles and crossbows)
– better reticle
– higher resolution internal LED “hold points”
– works with standard scope rings
– better rangefinder and more rangefinder options
– rangefinder is removable, enabling compliance with more state hunting laws
– NOW can be used as a rangefinding scope – simply buy a Sightlok RF1 rangefinder mount, sold here on this website.


Disadvantages vs Oracle X:

– when combined with the Sightlok mount, about $150 more expensive
– slightly heavier (3.3 ounces) – 30.8 oz for the Oracle X vs (18.9 oz scope + 5 oz rangefinder + 9.4 oz mount) = 33.3 ounces for the Sig
– the Oracle X allows slightly better placement of the “rangefinder trigger”

But overall, if you have the budget, the choice is obvious. Buy a Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX 1-6X scope, a Sig Sauer BDX rangefinder, and the Sightlok RF-1 rangefinder mount combination.


Do you disagree? Is there a better option than the Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX 1-6X? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

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