Burris Oracle X, Sig Sauer BDX

Burris Oracle X Problems

For a few years, Oracle X has been the “go-to” rangefinding scope option for crossbows. However, in the past 6 months, there have been 2 new product releases that, when combined, put the Oracle X scope to shame. The most… Continue Reading…

Sig Sauer BDX, Burris Oracle X

Sig Sauer EASY6-BDX 1-6X Superior to Burris Oracle X For Crossbow Shooters

Attention Crossbow shooters: Forget Burris Oracle X. Sig Sauer’s BDX scopes, especially the EASY6-BDX 1-6X, when combined with a Sightlok RF-1 mount, are a far superior solution. Here’s why: 1. Build-in rangefinding Prior to the introduce of the Sightlok RF-1,… Continue Reading…